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do you have Drench Syringe for Horse?

Yes, we have the drench syringe for horse, please see the below picture.  this 50mL multi-purpose drench syringe are suitable for horse, also good for cattle,calf, sheep, goats,etc.  this drench syringe are designed for easily drenching animal with mediciation in accurately way.  we also have the 10ml drench syringe, 20ml drench syringe and 30ml drench syringe, also the drench syringe can work with the veterinary needles for injection directly.

For the following drench syringe, the body of the syringe is made of PC with printed scale, the drenching tube is made of stainless steel for long serivce life. LEVAH supply various automatic drenchers for livestock. if you are looking for drench syringe for horses, drench syringe for cattle, or drench syringe for goats, welcome to your inquiry, thank you!