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what’s reflector infrared heat lamp?

the reflector infrared heat lamp is made of hard glass and with ruby filter, which is suitable for animal breeding, such as piglet breeding, poultry breeding, etc.

this reflector infrared heat lamp bulb is blown from borosilicate hard glass for excellent thermal shock resistance, this bulb is splash proof when working, the front of the reflector infrared heat lamp bulb is externally dyed with cadmium ion penetration, which can produce a deep ruby color, and its transmission is controlled to allow infrared wavelengths to pass unimpeded while blocking most visible light emission. The E27 nickel-plated caps is simple standard screw caps, and with a ceramic baffle in the neck was used to keep the cap temperature low enough.

the watt of this reflector infrared heat lamp bulb is 100W, 150W, 250W, 375W.
the input voltage: 110~130V or 220~240V
OEM is acceptable for order quantity at least 2000 pieces.
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