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5ml veterinary continuous syringe with bottle -VC240219


5ml veterinary continuous syringe with bottle
1. this livestock injector with accurate measurement, precise structure, good liquid absorption performance, 0.5-5ml dose dose adjustable, with long service life.
2. this continuous injector with precise design, and anti-dropping interface design, so that the needle is not easy to fall off during the injection work.
3.  this automatic continuous injector with clear scale, which can reduce the waste of vaccine, the body is made of high quality stainless steel, which is sturdy, durable and not easy to rust.
4. comfortable touch design, lighter injection, labor-saving operation, handle design conforms to ergonomics, light structure, and easy to use.
5. complete accessories and spare parts included, which will extend the service life. this continuous injector makes injections easy and convenient for your farm.
6. suitable for the continuous injection of the chickens, ducks, goose, etc.