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5ml veterinary continuous syringe -VC240218




5ml veterinary continuous syringe
1. dose is 5ml, 0.5-5ml dose is adjustable, the knob is adjusted and the dose lock is added to effectively prevent the injection dose from deviating, which can be used for many times and reduce the waste of injection.
2. the animal injector adopts stainless steel lube interface design to effectively prevent leakage. The needle and the suction bottle, the interface of the graduated dose bottle are tightly connected to ensure it safe and stable.
3. the lightweight handle is ergonomically designed for quick and easy injection.
4. this animal syringe made of of stainless steel and copper core, which has a strong wear resistance and durability.
5. this animal injector is widely used in agriculture, pastures and farms. such as pig, goat, cattle, cow, dog, chicken, sheep, pig, duck, etc.