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2ml High-accuracy veterinary continuous syringe -VC240202


highly-accuracy veterinary continuous syringe designed for maximum ease-of-use, it was developed in response to a growing demand for highly concentrated vaccinations.  this 2ml continuous injector deliver both oil and water-based medications for dosages between 0.1cc and 2.0cc.

The lightweight ergonomic syringe has been developed for super comfort. farmer can treat large numbers of birds quickly and efficiently.



1. adjustable dose from  0.1ml – 2.0ml.
2. highly versatile automatic syringe.
3. designed for high precision.
4. offers excellent comfort during vaccination.
5. long lasting materials.
6.  syringes can be sterilized up to 125°C.
7. thermal – treated glass barrel.
8. easy to dissemble for repair.