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50ML reusable veterinary metal syringe with luer-lock -VM240032


50ML reusable veterinary metal syringe with luer-lock.
1. made of  stainless steel body, copper head and copper rod.
2. comes with locking screws (easy to install), simple operation. not easy to damage, not easy to rust. simple structure.
3. capacity: 50ml, dose could be adjusted according to demand.
4. made specifically for prevention treatment and other injection drug solution.



1.  when you first use this please pull back syringe few times adjustable dose could be adjusted according to demand product manual. Widely used in a variety of animals dogs, cats, cattle, pigs, chickens, ducks, etc.
2. The cause of the temperature difference and the internal structure of the product are the glass tube materials, which may causes water mist. when the buyer receives it, it appears that there is a small amount of liquid in the item. this is normal. Just clean it up when you use it.
3. Wash the syringe, suitable for boiling sterilization, disinfection syrup
4. Please do not use high-pressure steam sterilization.