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what’s roux revolver syringe?

The roux revolver syringe is a high quality adjustable dosing syringe to inject fluids into animals. The roux revolver syringe is ideal for large vaccinating jobs. the dosing steps of the roux revolver syringe can be adjusted between 1 to 50ml via the adjustment of precision volume wheel. The roux revolver syringe is compatible with Luer-Lock needles and is easily to dismantle and clean.

The roux revolver syringe is a high-quality adjustable-dose syringe, which is suitable for large-scale vaccination job. The semi-automatic roux revolver syringe is made of polished chrome-plated brass, which is durable and has a barrel with a window.  The roux revolver syringe work with Luer-Lock needles and is easy to remove for cleaning and maintenance.


Features of Semi-Auto Roux Revolver Syringe
Made of polished chrome-plated brass
strong and sturdy
Ideal for large-scale vaccination work
Windowed barrel
Adjustable from 1 to 50 ml
Compatible with Luer-lock needles
Easy to disassemble and maintain