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disposable blood collector and tube -VN28008


Disposable blood collector and tube.
dose: 5ml, 10ml, etc.

Sterilized by EO gas, No toxic, discard after use, pyrogen free.
Valid for 3 years.



1. No additive tube are applicable to the immunochemistry, immunology as well as the blood sampling tubes and test tubes in blood collection.
2. The tube are used for the blood sampling of biochemical, immunization test, which has the characteristics of temperature flexible speed up coagulation. soon after the sampling shaking and mixing for 5-8 times, till the blood coagulated completely, only thus, can centrifuge the sample at the speed of 3500 r/min.
3. The heparin (sodium or lithium) tube are used for blood sampling in clinical biochemical, emergency are biochemical, it has the character of fast plasmapheresis, high temperature suitability and excellent compatibility with serum sample index.
4. The tube are applicable to the clinical blood test and suitable for the blood cells analysis.
5. Can be made according to the different requirement, other additive, oxalate, sodium citrate, ESR tube (erythrocyte sedimentation rate) are available.
Maximum centrifugal speed: 5000 turns/min.


Operation Procedure:

1. Take off the external blister, turn round needle and cap to avoid loose.
2. Take off the cover of needle, then collect blood at the vein spot sterilized.
3. To drag the plunger towards bottom slowly after normal sampling dosage.
4. To turn the pole in a counter-clockwise direction, then break it off, remove the top lid, use as a test tube.