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Tubular Cable Conveyor for pig automatic feeding system -CD26302


  1.  tubular cable conveyor, the steel wire made of stainless steel #304, which won’t easily rusted, steel nails are worn in each blade to increase the strength of the blade and prevent slippage
  2.  Materials: Chain: 20Mn (galvanized) , disk: nylon, D75 hardness.
  3.  Packing: 1000m/coil/pallet, size: 100*120cm.
    Tubular Cable Conveyor Name Applicable to Pipe Diameter Specification Tensile Strength Test
    CD2630240 40 steel cable chain Φ60mm Disk spacing: 70mm

    Disk diameter: 40mm

    steel cable diameter: 6mm

    CD2630250 50 steel cable chain Disk spacing: 100mm

    Disk diameter: 50mm

    Steel cable diameter: 7mm