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Stainless Steel Sow Trough European Style -ST26302

European style stainless steel sow trough
made of stainless steel #304
Can be mounted in existing farrowing pens.
durable and hygienic: heavy and closed edges.
no welding that might cause leakiness.
no blind corners, where feed and bacteria might accumulate.

Name Product Code Size Thickness Net weight (without spare part)
European Style Sow Trough ST2630212 L530*W390*H230mm 1.2mm 3.19 kgs
ST2630212S L530*W390*H250mm 1.2mm deepen 3.29 kgs
ST2630215 L530*W390*H230mm 1.5mm 4.16 kgs
ST2630215S L530*W390*H250mm 1.5mm(deepen) 4.26 kgs