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what’s fence leads used for?

the fence leads is used for connecting energizer to fence wire or energizer to ground system, the  leads fits all battery model, the crocodile clip at one end of fence leads is made stainless steel, the other end of fence leads is the M8 eyelet, banana plug or the other connector.  the heavy duty crocodile clip of the fence leads made of hard wearing ABS with UV protection, the crocodile clip of the fence leads is with rust-free and long-lasting stainless steel jaws, the universal M8 eyelet can fit most energizers, the cable of fence leads is Panda brand, the length can be customized.

The wire diameter of fence leads is 2.5mm
the materials of the jaw: stainless steel #201
the materials of the spring: stainless steel #201
the conductor wire of fence leads is copper