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how to use the pigtail steel post?

the pigtail steel post is made of spring steel or Q235 steel with power coated surface or hot dipped galvanized surface,  one end of the pigtail steel post is the pigtail insulator, which is used to attach the poly wire, wire, poly rope, poly tape, etc. the other end of the pigtail steel post is with the step-in part, which is used to push the pigtail steel post into the ground by foot.

the pigtail steel post made of spring steel is more hard and more elastic than the normal steel, that mean if bend the pigtail steel post for 45 degree, it will rebound completely, if bend the pigtail post for 90 degree, it will rebound, but not completely, that mean it will be slightly deformed.

We make the pigtail steel post, the length can be customized, welcome your inquiry! thank you!