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What’ size of sorting panel for pigs do you have?

We have 3 sizes of sorting panel for pigs, the small size, medium size and large size, please see the following:

L/M/S Ref. No. Size
Large Size SP26301 120 x 76 x 3.15 cm
Medium Size SP26302 94 x 76 x 3.15 cm.
Small Size SP70503 76 x 46 x 3.15 cm.

The small size of sorting panel is mainly used for piglet.
The medium and large size of sorting panel are mainly used for fattening pigs or hogs.

The sorting panel for pigs is with the features of anti-erode, more resistant to high temperature, etc.

The color of sorting panel for pigs is various, the red color is widely used and always available at stock, the other color is also available, but the MOQ is high, that is around 1000 pieces.