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Disposable Multi-Sample Blood Collection Needles -VN28012

Product Introduction:

Disposable Multi-Sample Blood Collection Needles.
1. Multi-sample blood collection needle CE and ISO13485 approved
2. Blood collection needles are available in a wide range of sizes and can be used with Venipuncture Needle safety holders.

Item Specification Qty/Carton
JDN18G Needles 18Gx1 1/2″ 4000
JDN20G Needles 20Gx1 1/2″ 4000
JDN21G Needles 21Gx1 1/2″ 4000
JDN22G Needles 22Gx1 1/2″ 4000
JD-BF22G Butterfly Needle 22G x 3/4″ 2000
JDN21GFB Flash Back Needle 21Gx1″ 5000
JDN22GFB Flash Back Needle 22Gx1″ 4000
JD-H Holder 2000
JD-H1 Holder With Safety Cover 2000
JD-H2 Holder With Quick Release 2000



1. Compatible with Venipuncture Needle hold devices
2. Available in 18G(pink) 20G(yellow), 21G(green), and 22G(black) in lengths 1”,1 1/2”and 1 1/4” and butterfly needle.
3. Color-coded caps and hubs allows rapid identification of needle gauge size
4. Packing:100 pieces/box and 40 racks/carton.


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