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what’s pigtail electric fence posts used for?

the pigtail electric fence posts are used to build the temperately electric fence. Generally speaking, the pigtail electric fence posts are made of spring steel with power coated surface, and more elasticity after bending, and more hard than the pigtail electric fence post  made of Q235 steel, the available diameter is 6mm, 7mm and 8mm, and the length can be customized, normally total length is in 106cm.

The key point of this pigtail electric fence posts are as following:

1.  the hose.
the hose is combination of HDPE and LLDPE, with highest grade UV inhibitor, proved after-production treatment for the hose to release tension inside.

2. powder coating surface.
higher grade PET powder-coating, using raw materials from a Taiwanese company, only second to AkzoNobel paint.

3. the stepping part.
the stepping part is 2 sides weld, not just  side, because the spring steel is brittle, the 2 sides welding is much more strong.