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animal sorting panel for sale

the animal sorting panel is made of polyethylene, with features of anti-erode, more resistant to high temperature. used to move animals with ease. the animal sorting panel for pig, calf, sheep, etc. mainly used for pig movement.

There are 3 sizes of animal sorting panel for options. enough stock of red color for delivery. the MOQ for the other color is 1000 pieces, such as the black color, pink color, blue color, etc. because the mold of the animal sorting panel is big, it will take another 1 or 2 days to wash the mold, besides, when we change the color, the first batch of the new animal sorting panel will be wasted.

L/M/S Ref. No. Size
Large Size SP26301 120 x 76 x 3.15 cm
Medium Size SP26302 94 x 76 x 3.15 cm.
Small Size SP70503 76 x 46 x 3.15 cm.