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What’s the different between the R40 heat lamp, PAR38 Infrared heat lamp and BR38 Infrared Lamp?

The R40 heat lamp is also called R125 infrared heat lamp, which is made of hard glass. the power can be up to 375W. it is roasted red on the top.

The PAR38 infrared heat lamp is made of pressed glass, the power is 100W, 150W, 175W, the maximum power is 175W,  it is more energy saving than the R40 infrared heat lamp, it is high temperature resistant red paint on the top. imported E27 brass base from Europe

The BR38 infrared heat lamp is made of hard glass, it is used to replace the PAR38 infrared heat lamp, and cost is relatively cheap.

All heat lamp bulbs are suitable for pig, poultry breeding.