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Complete Grounding Kit for Electric Fence -LP10309

Product Introduction:

Complete Grounding Kit
This kit contains everything you need to ground a small area for use in electric fencing. The 2ft is best for a small garden or pet containment. The 3ft is best for small to medium paddocks. The 6ft is best for larger areas. Very large areas can take multiple kits along the fence to ensure good grounding.

Kit Includes:
•3- 1/2″ ground clamps
•3- 1/2″ galvanized grounding rods- length depends on size ordered (2′, 3′ or 6′)
•1- 50′ spool of 12.5 gauge aluminized steel ground wire

Item Specifications:
2′ ground rods
3′ ground rods
6′ ground rods