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Standard Quality Control Process:

The following is our standard quality control process:


1>. At least one bag of batch production samples will be inspected during the first 3 days of the batch production, both QA manager and Purchasing manager will need to sign in the Quality Control Form regarding the batch production samples.


2>. At the same day when the manufacturing contract is signed, the QA manager will need to confirm with the Purchasing manager regarding which products will need to be inspected on the spot at the factory.


3>. Final inspection is 5% of the total cargo, either in Shanghai LEVAH’s warehouse or at the factories. QA manager is required to inspect the products strictly based on items in the regulated form.


During the quality inspection, our QA need to report to Purchasing manager immediately when finding any problems, the Purchasing manager will decide who do what. The record of the problems and the problem-solving results will need to be listed in the Quality Inspection Form. Relevant samples, pictures and documents will need to be kept on file on a long-term basis. Regarding the problems found, the responsible manager will need to track these to every detail till all problems are solved.


We are trying to find the problem at the source and help customer reduce the purchasing cost. all goods will be finally checked in our warehouse or in the factory before delivery.