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Electric Fence Digital Voltage Tester -VT50101

Product Introduction:

The fence tester is designed for measuring pulse voltages on the electric fences.
It features Smart Power technology so that it will turn on at the detection of a pulse and turn off after about 4 seconds when no pulse is detected.
This technology saves battery power and ensures that the fence tester is turned off when not in use.
Display: LCD
Max. Reading: 9.9
Measurement Range: 300V to 9900V pulse voltage.
Pulse rate: one pulse every 0.5 sec to 2 secs
Measurement rate: each detection of a pulse passing trough the fence line under test.
Power consumption: about 0.03W
Battery: 9V, 6F22 or equivalent.
Size: 174 x 70 x 33mm (for main body only)
Weight: about 228g (including battery).


  1. Drive the probe into the moist soil (if the soil is too dry, add a suitable amount of water to the soil in advance.)
  2. Connect the test hook to the fence line to be measured.
  3. the fence tester will turn on when a pulse is detected.
  4. If further pulses are detected, the voltage will be displayed.
    for more accurate measurement result, read the display after three pulses have been detected.
    Note: reading unit is kV. For example, if the display reads 6.0, the voltage value is 6.0kV.
  5. after the test hook is removed from the fence, the last reading will be held on the display for about 4 seconds. if the fence tester does not detect any pulse for about 4 seconds, it will turn of automatically.


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