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Multi Voltage Energizer 6.3J -MD5

Product Introduction:

Multi-voltage energizer for 12V and 230V operation.
Connection to a 230V power outlet with the power adaptor supplied.
Connection to 12V battery with the battery lead set supplied.
Suitable for all animals.
Low output impedance for best performance with vegetation load.
Mount out of reach of children.
12V operation suitable for outside use, 230V operation suitable for indoor use or dry locations.

Model Stored Energy Output Energy (500Ω) Output Voltage(No Load) Output Voltage (500Ω) Suitable For Distance
MD1 0.7J max. 0.5J 8.3KV 4.5KV <2KM
MD2 1.4J max. 1.0J 9.8KV 5.3KV 1KM ~ 3KM
MD3 2.7J max. 2.0J 11.9KV 5.9KV 1.5KM ~ 5KM
MD4 4.5J max. 3.0J 11.4KV 6.2KV 2.5KM ~ 7.5KM
MD5 6.3J max. 3.8J 11.0KV 6.3KV 3KM ~ 8.5KM