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Where to buy the Best Heat Lamp bulbs?

We supply the best heat lamp bulbs, such as the PAR38 infrared heat lamp, R40 infrared heat lamp, BR38 infrared heat lamp, the quality can compare with the following brands:

1 Westinghouse
2 Satco
4 Nelson
When you buy the best heat lamp bulbs, you should consider the following points.
1. What’s the serve life of the heat lamp bulbs.
Reply: the average life  is 5000 hours.
2. Are the heat lamp bulbs safe to use?
Reply: the R40 and BR38 heat lamp bulb is made of hard glass, it is splash proof.
The PAR38 heat lamp bulb is made of pressed glass, it is also splash proof.
It is more safety to use if you install the bulb on the lampshade.