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Veterinary Disposable Syringe -VN28013


Production Introduction:

Disposable Syringe

Syringes come in different types and they each have a various use. The most common syringes to choose from are luer slip, luer lock, and catheter tip.

Luer slip syringes have a quick fit and generally cheaper than Luer Lock syringes. Some medical professionals say that the needle can sometimes pop off, which is why they prefer using a luer lock syringe.

Luer Lock syringes allow a needle to be twisted onto the tip and is then locked in place. These types of syringes provide a secure connection between the needle and the tip.

Catheter tip syringes are commonly used for injecting through tubing or when a regular slip tip needle is larger than the standard slip tip.

Choosing the size of the syringe
The size of the syringe you need varies by how much fluid is to be given. Sizes are generally in Cubic Centimeters (cc) or milliliters (mL).

Medical professionals commonly use 1-6 cc syringes for subcutaneous & intramuscular injects. 10-20 cc syringes are generally used for central lines, catheters, and medical tubing. 20-70ml syringes are generally used for irrigation.


1. Sizes available: 1ml, 2.5ml, 3ml, 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml, 60ml, 100ml
2. Material: medical grade PP
3. Transparent barrel and plunge
4. Central nozzle or side nozzle
5. Latex or latex-free gasket
6. Lure lock or lure slip
7. EO sterilized.
8. High quality disposable syringe and needle with FDA and CE approval