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Cow Lifting Frame Hip Lifter -RT30201

Cow lifting frame for cow cattle Cow Lifter Cow Hip Lifter
Cattle lifting frame is a kind of equipment that can use traction, loading and unloading machine, triangle hoist, etc. to raise the cow more easily when the cow is down. . The product is made of high-strength iron and rigid rods, which can carry a load of 1000KG, and is covered with a rubber tube to protect the hip bones. Just turn the handle to easily adjust the distance.
Instructions for use: Adjust the stand up frame to the width of the ox crotch and place the ox crotch position. Then shake the handle of the stand by hand to clamp and clamp the ox hips, and then lift the ox through the traction device. It should be noted that the cattle should not be lifted for more than 3 hours to avoid bruising of the cattle hips.

Model Max. Load
RT302011 1000 KGS
RT302012 1500 KGS



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