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19mm electric fence polytape 5*0.15mm -PT40108

Production Introduction:

Width: 19mm.
Package: plastic roll
Specification: UV, 5x 0.15mm Stainless Steel wire
Length: 200m



materials type: stainless steel #304A
wire standard: GB4240-2007
dimensions: 0.15mm (±0.005mm)

materials type: HDPE round monofilament UV stabilized.
dimensions: 1000 Denier[0.32mm]
color: white and red.


Construction Pattern

A. 6 x red HDPE 1000 denier monofilaments
B. 18 x White HDPE 1000 denier monofilaments and 4 x SS304 strand twisted.
C. 1 x White HDPE 1000 denier monofilament for crossing connection, 2.3mm between each crossing-connection.

[1xA]+[1xB]+[1xA] knitting with [1xC] cross knitting.


1. stainless steel strands for the highest bending strength.
2. polyethylene threads for the longest life.
3. 100% virgin polyethylene with high grade UV inhibitor.
4. super conductivity. OEM is acceptable.