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8L Rotary Drop Feeder for automatic feeding system -LB26302

Production Introduction:

8L Rotary drop feeder for automatic feeding system.

1. Material: 100% new PP
2. It can supply pig different quantity of feeds according to the demand.
3. With a max capacity of 8L, it can also realize separate and accurate feeding.
4.Transparent bucket for easy observation.
5. Accurately dispenses a pre-determined amount of feed multiple times per day to individual sows.
6. Automates the transport of that feed to save labor.

Code Materials Diameter Volume Packing
LB2630201 PP Φ60mm 8L 8 pcs/carton,

carton size: 94*45*46cm

LB2630202 PP Φ75mm 8L
LB2630203 PP Φ50mm~Φ55mm 8L
LB2630204 PP Φ90mm 8L