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Veterinary Bloodless Castrator Burdizzo Clamp For Pig Lamb -VS32409

Production Introduction:

Veterinary Bloodless Castrator or  Burdizzo Clamp is a kind of veterinary surgical instruments, used for male livestock castration surgery. This instrument by livestock across the scrotum hard pinch off animals spermatic cord surgery method to achieve, do not need on livestock scrotal incision, therefore calls “bloodless castration.  this is a kind of relatively advanced veterinary apparatus and instruments.

Item name veterinary burdizzo castrator
Usage castrated surgery
Application Pig, sheep, etc.
Material Stainless steel

23cm (blade about 4cm)


1. The bloodless castration won’t directly destroy male pig testicles.
2. The spermatic cord, blood vessel and ligaments groups fully fall off by the large shear force of pliers edge through the scrotum.
3. The testicles of pig gradually wither without blood supply and necrosis