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4 Pints Feeding Bottle with teat for Calf Lamp -FE255033

Production Introduction:

Animal feeding bottle with teat cow feeder animal feeding bottle rotary feeder.

1. Capacity: 4Pints.
2. Thickened bottle, the use of PP material, no cracking, no deformation.
3. Easy to washing.
4. Similar to the cow’s nipples, calves lambs drink milk more comfortably.
5. High temperature, low temperature resistance.
6. Calves allowed to suck out the milk, calves leave the only milk.
7. Non-toxic and tasteless, strong texture, high strength, good pressure.

Product Name Animal Feeding Bottle
Brand OEM
Color White
Material PE
Usage  Livestock Equipment
Model FE255033
Application Sheep, lamb, calf, cow. etc.