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Animal Stick Reader for animal identification -FRD420

Animal Stick Reader for animal identification.
1. rugged design, and built for a hard day’s work out on the farm.
2. unique design of high-brightness LCD display.
3. read all the tags that meet ISO11784/5 FDX-A,FDX-B, HDX standards.
4.  it can display the information and the reading timewhile storing data after reading some RFID tags.
5. it can transmit the information to the PC automatically through USB2.0 and bluetooth.
6. 13 operating language supported, used for livestock management.

Model FRD420/FRD420A
Parameter Frequency: 134.2kHz Reading Standard: ISO11784/5 FDX-A, FDX-B,HDX.                                                                            Data Storage:20000 records                                            Reading Distance:                                                              FDX-B:2*12mm glass tag>10cm                                    30mm ear tag>20cm                                                          FDX-A:2*12mm glass tag>10cm                                      Note: (relevant to the card reader and the usage environment)
Screen 480*320 high brightness LCD,Buzzer
Battery life capacity More than 10,000 readings when it is fully charged.
Dimensions & Weight Length:80cm,Antenna:45cm, 600g
Package Size:83.5×10.5×10.5cm,1400g
Reading time Less than 100ms
Power Supply Lithium battery
Power consumption 0.4W
Battery capacity 3000mA
Communication interface USB2.0、Bluetooth (PC,Android,IOS)
Language Chinese, English, Russian, French, German, Japanese, Mongolian, Dutch, Danish, traditional, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Kazakh
Work Condition Operating Temperature: -30°C-50°C                                     Storage Temperature: -30°C-65°C                                    Waterproof Rate:IP67(antenna); IP50(overall)
Optional Android (FRD420A)