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1.3L Cordless Electrostatic Fogger -MT001

1.3L Cordless Electrostatic Fogger
-Rated Voltage: DC 20V
-Motor Power: 150W
-Tank capacity: 1.3L
-Flow rate: Max.: 120ml/min
-Particle size: 0~50um
-Battery Type: 20V 2Ah Li-ion re-chargeable
-Handheld design, lightweight and portable.
-Versatile designing makes it easy to use.
-Quiet operation and stable performance.
-Have the ability to turn off the 360° Wrap-around technology to increase battery life when in large area.
-Electrostatic Sprayer generates a fog/mist formed of that becomes electrically charged Ions that are attracted to surfaces, delivering 360° coverage at the area of exposure, which is ideal for fighting pathogens & vector carriers.