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Cattle Immobilizer -CM613183

Cattle Immobilizer

Cattle Immobilizer
stainless steel body with 3 X type “AA” alkaline battery.
Size: 35cm x 7 cm x 7cm.
Output Voltage: 25V – 28V
cattle immobilizer allows safe and effective immobilization of your livestock and allows you to perform treatments in the shortest possible time which minimizes stress and danger of injury to the animal during treatment, and also reduces stress-related reactions such as weight loss and panicking.


1. A low cost alternative to anesthesia.
2. A form of immobilization which can be performed by any worker and does not require veterinary training or qualifications.
3. Reduced work place hazards and injuries.
4. Faster animal processing times


1. Wireless – making it far more durable and convenient for the operator to use.
2. Waterproof– easy to clean after use, just wipe down with a damp cloth.
3. Compact – easy to store and transport.
4. 1 year warranty against manufacturing faults.
5. Durable construction